What is Prepify?

Prepify is free college preparation. We provide online college prep for free, including SAT and ACT prep, and information on affording and applying to college.

Prepify is a website that students and other community members can use to prepare for and better understand the college application process. It’s as easy as creating a free account on prepify.me and getting started with all of our college prep resources.

Who can use Prepify?

Any student anywhere can use Prepify. We believe that too many talented students are priced out of quality test prep and college application resources. We want all motivated students to have access to high-quality college prep, for free.

How much does Prepify cost for students?

Prepify is free for all students. Charging students, their parents, community groups, or high schools only further increases income disparities, so we are committed to offering free, high-quality resources to help close this gap.

How does Prepify connect students to colleges?

We let colleges know about students on our platform and allow them to contact our users to help recruit them. We are trying to solve a problem of undermatching, where many talented students simply don’t apply to top colleges. By letting these schools know about our users, we hope to match our students with the best fit college, and increase economic diversity on selective campuses.

Why did you build Prepify?

We built Prepify because we think income inequality is one of the biggest challenges facing our society. While addressing this challenge is multifaceted, we believe social mobility and economic opportunity can be increased by helping talented, underrepresented students make the high school to college transition successfully.

Where does your test prep come from?

We have teamed up with Testive to provide students with the best test prep around, for free! Testive offers advanced SAT and ACT learning software developed at MIT. There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars for a classroom program, the quality test prep you need for both the ACT and SAT is available here.

How can I get my son or daughter involved?

Simply have your son or daughter create a free account on prepify.me. The more they use the site, the better prepared they will be for the college application process.

How can I get my community group or high school involved?

We would be thrilled to work with your community group or high school. We’re here to assist your students in preparing for the high school to college transition. The easiest way to get involved is to share prepify.me with your students and encourage them to make an account. We can provide additional assistance and tips for use, please contact us at info@prepify.me to get started.

How can I get my college involved?

We are passionate about connecting talented, underrepresented students with top colleges. If you’d like to see how Prepify can help your school, please email info@prepify.me.

Where are you located?

We’re an online company, so we are everywhere! But Austin, Texas is our home base. Let us know if you ever want to meet up!

How can I share feedback?

We would love to hear from you! Please email any feedback to info@prepify.me.