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When it comes to preparing for the SAT/ACT, a lot of people have the misconception that it is very difficult to do well without attending a paid prep course. This is far from the truth! One of the best resources I have found is Testive! Testive ( does more than most traditional prep courses by offering free daily practice monitoring, instructional videos, assignments customized to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and even resources for parents. doudoune femme moncler timberland soldes The site even uses a proprietary algorithm based on a student’s skill level to make practice most effective. soldes puma bottes ugg pas cher Overall, it’s a great resource! There are plenty of additional quality free resources that students can use to prepare themselves for the SAT/ACT. doudoune moncler homme Moncler doudounes femmes Here is a list of a few that are very effective: The Princeton Review SAT:!practice ACT:!practice The Princeton Review offers free online as well as free physical full-length practice tests. puma sneakers pas cher moncler pas cher These free tests are administered in testing conditions, which makes them a great resource, as taking SAT/ACT practice tests in testing conditions is a great contributor to success when the real test comes along. ugg france timberland homme Additionally, the Princeton Review also offers some free online SAT/ACT prep classes. Kaplan Test Prep SAT: ACT: Kaplan offers a large number of free online classes, including Math Foundations, Reading for Points, and SAT Bootcamp classes for the SAT and an ACT Bootcamp for the ACT. bottes timberland Additionally, the website offers free online full-length SAT/ACT practice tests also!   While the first two resources provide material for both the SAT and the ACT, there are also a myriad of resources that are tailored to only one of the two tests. ugg femme basket timberland Here is a lit of both: SAT Specific Resources The College Board The College Board’s website is a great place to get started as it gives a complete breakdown of the SAT/ACT’s structure and content. Timberland Soldes timberland The College Board is the organization that makes and administers the SAT and is thus a great resource for information about the test. magasin uggs pas cher uggs pas cher en ligne ugg zalando The website also features 8 full-length practice tests that students can take. timberland ugg boots Here is the link: Khan Academy Students were overjoyed when Khan Academy released their free comprehensive SAT prep materials. Khan Academy is a good resource because their SAT prep course is the result of a partnership between Khan Academy and the College Board. ugg australia pas cher timberland homme Additionally, Khan Academy offers a myriad of prep services. ugg australia Not only are students given 8 full-length practice tests, they are also given tailored practice plans based on their PSAT scores. Soldes Timberland Additionally, there is a large number of lectures and practice materials that students can use to prepare them for the different sections of the test. moncler en ligne soldes puma chaussure Daily Practice SAT App The Daily Practice SAT App features one SAT question every day that students can answer at any time. chaussure Puma Then, the app reveals whether the student picked the correct answer or not and gives an in-depth explanation of reasoning behind the correct answer. soldes puma chaussures Free SAT Math Free SAT Math provides a vast repository of mathematics questions for students to answer. Timberland Pas Cher Something that sets this resource apart is that it makes students answer similar questions if they are consistently answering them incorrectly. Baskets homme Puma This helps students understand their mistakes and also ensures that they begin working towards fixing those mistakes immediately.   ACT Specific Resources: Sparknotes Sparknotes is a great resource for ACT prep as it provides explanations and strategies for each of the different sections of the ACT. Timberland Pas Cher Additionally, it offers some tips and tricks for students to use on the ACT. Union Test Prep Union Test Prep offers free practice tests, flashcards, and study guides for each individual section of the ACT. moncler pas cher puma basket puma 2018 basket The flashcards are interactive and very easy to use. puma pas cher They test important skills and are a great way to practice certain weak sections. The study guides are very comprehensive and can serve as a review for students who have already learned the material. doudoune moncler timberland timberland moncler soldes Barron’s Test Prep Barron’s offers a free Basic Account that creates a personalized ACT study plan for students who take the diagnostic test. This test gauges the students’ weaknesses and creates a study plan for them that will allow them to hone the skills they need to work on. soldes puma sneakers timberland femme Additionally, it offers 100 free ACT video lessons and 100 solution videos that students can watch to understand certain types of questions. timberland chaussures moncler soldes timberland soldes 4Tests 4Tests is a website that offers a few free practice tests. ugg outlet It’s a good place to work on some practice questions. ACT Prep ACT Prep is a mobile app that will allow students to practice for the assessment at any time and from anywhere. The app has in-depth explanations for all the questions and can be a great resource is used consistently.

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  1. Wow didn’t know many of the sites that you recommend in this story. Do you really think that it is enough to use free resources compared to paying for a course? Unless the student is super motivated I think most kids would benefit greatly with a prep course. Anyway thanks for all the sites you mentioned.

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